Yoga (Sampoorna or Kripalu)
Advanced Healing Therapies, Co.


When we transform ourselves and experience serenity, peace and freedom we also transform our societies and all of human civilization.

Sampoorna Yoga (Part of Hatha Yoga)

Hatha Yoga is the most practiced form of Yoga in the West. It is the type of Yoga which focuses on exercise, breathing techniques and meditation to bring about well-being. Practicing Yoga on a daily basis can increase strength and flexibility. Each of the yoga poses have a definite form and have been developed to increase circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. This helps the body to detoxify and maintain proper health..

There are approximately 200 Hatha Yoga postures. Every one of these Yoga poses work to increase strength, flexibility and balance, while enhancing posture, coordination and mental alertness.

Our Yoga classes are designed for the conditioning of the body and mind and are suitable for people of all body types and ages.


Anke Cacciola was introduced to Yoga by her mother more than 40 years ago.She fell in love with the gentleness and intelligence of Hatha Yoga. A student of many healing techniques, meditation and movement therapies, Anke teaches an integrative Hatha Yoga style focusing on proper alignment and inner awareness.She strives to help her students to develop a strong body and a healthy happy mind.

Therapeutic Yoga was created out of Anke's experience as a Massage Therapist and body worker. During the years of her business as a body worker, she sent hundreds of patients home with exercises to better their posture and overall health.  Out of conversations with her clients, she obtained that practicing exercises at home does not have the same feeling as practicing in class. The presence and voice of a teacher, the support of a group environment and being guided through every step of practice are difficult to replace. Therapeutic yoga starts with the intent to know something about ourselves and our current state of health.

Students are guided to observe themselves before starting with asanas (postures). The intention the student chooses, will determine the direction of practice.

Asanas are customized to the individual students needs, to work towards flexibility, strength, endurance and relaxation. During class the student also gains the knowledge of the many benefits of yoga.

Ways Yoga can heal


  •      increases energy levels
  •      leads to slower and deeper breathing
  •      improves lung function
  •      lowers blood sugar
  •      lowers blood pressure
  •      increases oxygenation of the tissues
  •      increases circulation of lymph
  •      improves control of bodily functions
  •      increases flexibility, strength and endurance
  •      relaxes the nervous system
  •      improves brain function, helps with addictions and recovery
  •      relaxes muscle joint stiffness associated with the aging process
  •      improves coordination
  •      lowers need for medication
  •      promotes weight loss and reshapes the body
  •      encourages involvement in your own healing


Class schedule:

              Monday       10:15 AM - 11:15 AM Gentle Yoga / Anke

                                   11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Kripalu Yoga / Kimberly

                                    5:30 PM - 6:30 PM Yoga for busy people/ Anke




                                      New classes are forming.                    


Preparation for class: bring a matt, towel and some water. Wear comfortable clothing.

Fee schedule

Classes                                   $    12.00

one on one                             $    55.00/hr Package of 3 = $ 145.00