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Reiki Seminar

Attention: Attendance for all seminars must be secured with a $ 50.00 deposit. The difference is due at Seminar beginning. All others are required to pay the full price "at the door".

Thank you for your understanding.


Reiki Practitioners (Events, Info)


The next Reiki I classe will be on May 30, 2020

Location:   387 Altara Dr, St Augustine, FL 32086

Reiki I with Anke Cacciola 

              9.30 AM to 5.00 PM ( 45min lunch) at Advanced Healing Therapies,location will be announced, St. Augustine, Fl. 32086, Tel. 904 797 9937

Cost $ 85.00. If you preregister, paying $ 50.00 by May 20, 2020. Cost at the door is $ 105.00. Please bring your own lunch and wear comfortable clothing. Class is limited to eight people. Call to reserve your space as soon as possible.



Reiki healing is based on the theory of balancing the Yin and the Yang body. The Yin body being the inner energy body receives balancing through Reiki treatments. Chinese medicine considers the Yin body the foundation of the Yang body . The result of an imbalance in the Yin body, is dis-ease of the physical body, or Yang body.

Learn about Reiki history, how you can apply Reiki to yourself, or  another person. Learn how Reiki can transform your life.



Reiki II Same location as above on June 14, 2020 from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Cost $ 95.00, if you preregister, paying $ 50.00 by June 01, 2020. Cost at the door is $ 115.00.

Please bring your own lunch and wear comfortable clothes. The class is limited to 8 people. Call to reserve your space as soon as possible.


Be prepared to have fun with this workshop. We learn Reiki sacred symbols and how to send healing through time and space.

Experience peace and harmony through Reiki healing.

This workshop is powerful on many levels.

Empower yourself and be part of the healing of our planet.


Call in advance and sign up.




Advanced Reiki   with Anke Cacciola

Advanced Reiki takes Reiki treatments to another level.

Learn how to remove blockages from the energy system.

Learn therapeutic hand positions to move energy in a very special way.

Learn how to sense the flow of energy through the body.


The next Advanced Reiki class will be announced. (from 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM)

This class is a pre-requsite for the Reiki Master class.

Tuition per person is $ 120.00 prepaid, at the door $ 140.00


Reiki is a powerful, easy to learn self-healing technique. New insights will be shared about the way to heal, rejuvenate and transform your life.










 Reiki Master Certification Program


For the most powerful healer, healing is the act of sharing love, forgiveness and kindness. The more complete we love, the more complete the healing. To qualify for the Reiki Master Certification Program Reiki practitioners are required to have Reiki I, Reiki II, and Advanced Reiki Certification and a good background in the practical application of Reiki for one year or more. A student should be comfortable with Reiki 1, 2 and Advanced before adding Reiki III, in so far that the student needs to be committed to practice, teach and live Reiki.

The training is a process of developing a deeper sense of Reiki healing and becoming aware of the many reactions which Reiki can trigger. Reiki is a very personal experience. Becoming a Reiki Master involves a shift in the students consciousness on the spiritual, mental and physical level, which could translate into changes in the students life. The Master program includes training on the process of initiation with all the required symbols. The student will be trained and capable upon certification, of teaching Reiki workshops. It is recommended to teach Reiki I and Reiki II and Advanced for at least  3 years, before going on to teach the Master's Degree.

The introduction to and energy transmission of the fourth Reiki symbol (Master symbol) from the Master to the student demands a high level of spirituality and inner strength by the student. The vibration of the fourth Reiki symbol has the quality of expansion of love and compassionate feelings for the student and all of humanity. In order to become certified the student has to

  • Provide proof of giving 20 or more complete Reiki treatments.

  • Write an essay on the influence of Reiki in planetary healing with a minimum of a thousand words.

  • Take part in the Master's Reiki 1, 2 and Advanced Reiki Workshops before co-teaching workshops with the Reiki Master.

  • Receive 24 hours of additional training, split up in four six hour sessions.

  • Co-teach Reiki I and II and Advanced workshop with the Master. The Reiki student is responsible for the organization of the workshops with a minimum of 6 students. Income from the workshops will be divided between the Master and the student. For out of state classes the minimum of the class is 16 students. The Master will pay workshop expenses, such as certificates and hand outs. Traveling and lodging is the responsibility of the student to pay for his Master.