Clinic in a Case
Revolutionary aproach to your bodies frquencies


Clinic in the Case is based on Reif frequencies.

All electric activity in the body begins at a cellular level. Each cell in our body has a voltage and frequency or pulse. Our cells communicate with one another through bio-electric transmission. When a particular part of our body is not working properly, or if we acquire a disease, we will find there is little or no electric communication among your cells and that part of the body.

When we are sick these electrical components have interference and are blocked as to normal activity. If we are not functioning properly at our cellular level, than there is no way our body can function 100%.

The fastest, easiest and most effective ,method of unblocking an electrical transmission field is with proper frequency treatments with real micro current applications.

This is where the Clinic-in-the-case treatments have made such a difference in our clients lives.


Three different treatments are available: Total Body balancing and detox

                                               Energizing for Wellness

                                               Pain reduction/Lymphatic drainage