Prayer Shawls, Baby Blankets and more
Prayer shawls are a beautiful gift for anyone.


Precious Prayer Shawls created for you by hand.


There are times when something special is required to fill a need, provide comfort or give someone a blessing. For this reason, we show this unique collection of shawls and blankets ...


Praying while creating something for someone is not new, for centuries Prayer Shawls have been made as symbol of God's unconditional love.

Those who have received these shawls say that they have been uplifted and energized by the power of the prayers knitted into their shawls.

Anke Cacciola is a spiritual coach. She channels a prayer, while she is knitting and attaches the prayer to the shawl, written in a card called "The  Little Blessings". When ordering your shawl, please let Anke know the name of the person it is for.

Order your custom made Prayer Shawl today, wit a unique prayer attached for you, a symbol for healing and wholeness.



Please allow 3 weeks for delivery if color is not in stock.    TO PLACE YOUR ORDER  go to Page "Order Prayershawls etc"