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Send us your personal dates (we need: date of birth; time of birth; place of birth and full name) and we provide you with one of the most accurate  horoscopes on the market.

Give us two weeks time to prepare your most personal insight in your life, or maybe a compatibility chart with your loved one. Both readings are up to 15 pages and very informative as well as helpful in understanding yourself and your way of interaction with your fellow human beings.


Horoscope  (up to 15 pg natal report)               $   85.00

Compatibility (up to 15 pg-2 reports compared)     $  105.00

Numerology  (up to 6 pages)                         $    25.00

Personal score report                                  $    5.00




You can e-mail us at healthguruom@yahoo.com






John Neumann, MMS, St. Augustine Florida