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Success Stories / What clients say about us
Clients write about their satisfaction
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During more than five years of working with Advanced Healing Therapies I have:

  • reduced stress through regular massage treatments and Yoga classes.
  • improved health and energy through Reflexology, Aqua-Chi and herbal treatments based on Personal Energy Profile (PEP) testing.
  • taken steps along my spiritual path through Reiki treatments and classes and counseling.
  • received treatments for specific back and hip pain incidents when all medical doctors offered were pain pills.

My first call for treatment is always to Advanced Healing Therapies.


Cheryl Spinneweber

I had trouble with my back, neck and shoulder for years. After my first treatment with John at Advanced Healing Therapies I was able to move my neck a lot more freely. It made it easier to drive.

My shoulders were drawn up. After my third treatment I was much improved. I highly recommend their services. 3/11/2010

Jack Thompson D.C.

It was my great fortune to meet John and Anke shortly after moving to St. Augustine in the summer of 2009. I had been having trouble with my Lymphatic system and Anke gave me several sessions of Lymphatic Drainage treatment along with regular full body massages. Anke has also been giving me Reflexology treatments on my feet for the past few months.

All of these treatments have helped me greatly!

John and Anke are both healers and care givers. Their office is delightful and they provide the highest quality care as well as being extremely compassionate. I am greatly satisfied with my care and results!     03/22/2010

Waltraud and Olaf Gerneke

Whenever we had problems with muscles, Golfer-Elbow, shoulder and back pain during our 6 months annual stay in St. Augustine for the past 10 years we didn't worry; After some treatments with Anke and/or John we were healthy enough to play Golf, walk at the beach or else and living painless.

We miss both in Germany, see you next year.     04/24/2010

Bill Ney

In February, 2010 I was diagnosed by a neurologist with nerve damage to my legs. He suggested that I might need surgery in the future. Shortly after that diagnosis I went to see John Neumann at Advanced Healing Therapies. I explained problem and within three weeks of beginning massage therapy, I was rid of my pain in the legs. It is now two months after the initial treatment and I am still free of any discomfort in the affected area.   03/09/2010

Val D'Andrea

I had shoulder pain after a session at the gym. 3 sessions at Advanced Healing Therapies fixed me up. Thanks 03/10/10

Allen M. Deprey, D.C.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with Hypertension. I live a fairly clean lifestyle with regular exercise and good nutrition, but genes are genes. I investigated many techniques to manage this condition naturally and ended up with a combination of natural methods including chiropractic, breathing techniques and Reflexology. I have been receiving treatments with John Neumann for the past 6 years and maintaining normal blood pressure ranges throughout. Who would have thought that the feet could do that for you! Thanks John and Anke.                 03/10/2010

Jim Tiffany

I was having a problem with my lower back. Since my wife Barbara was a client of Anke and John, she suggested I give them a try. I was told that John was better with lower back problems. So, after making an appointment, I started going twice a week to start with. As I got better I started once a week sessions, and then every other week. Now I go once a month to keep my loose and to stay mobile - pain free I might add.

Anke has also filled in a few times with me and I truly believe that they have both done a great job with my back problem. They are really sincere in trying to make people feel good.   03/27/2010

Eve Bates

On a hiking trip to Maine, about 20 years ago, I accidently sprung my right knee joint. Pain and inactivity became intolerable. My local orthopedic doctor prescribed surgery. However, about the same time my dear neice had surgery to correct the same problem, but she had bad luck to have no improvement. In fact she was unable to continue her career as school teacher of physical ed, and this is what scared me off considering surgery.  I found that a deep massage helped a great deal. But I had trouble finding a person who was able to give me a satisfactory deep massage - until I found John Neumann, LMT, MMS, at Advanced Healing Therapies.

I've been with Mr. Neumann for a few years now and he has me moving about comfortably. Between his deep body massage, and his awfully soothing Reflexology treatments, I am back to hiking and playing Golf again.  03/14/2010

Pat VanPetten

Approx 10 years ago I was talked into my first massage......I believe everyone has an aversion to the unknown. However, after meeting Anke at Advanced Healing Therapies I have been a faithful client since every month. The relief from stress and continuing back and neck pain has been a blessing to say nothing  about our friendship that has been formed over the years. who needs a psychologist when we have each other..,.   04/09/2010

Barbara Tiffany

I have been going to Anke for several years. I had back problems, shoulder and knee problems. Many different aches and pains. One in particular was a frozen shoulder. I went to therapy for many weeks and was told I might have to have surgery. Anke worked on my shoulder until it was fine. No problems no surgery. My whole family in town and out of town have gone to Anke. We all appreciate her and think she's done a "great" job.   03/27/2010

I have been going to Anke for several years. I had back problems, shoulder and knee problems. Many different aches and pains. One in particular was a frozen shoulder. I went to therapy for many weeks and was told I might have to have surgery. Amke worked on my shpoulder until it was fine. No problems, no surgery. My whole family in town and out of town have gone to Anke. We all appreciate her. She does a "great" job.     03/27/2010I iII Hernandez

Within days of having my second baby, my back hurt so bad I could barely walk, much less take care of my new baby. I made an appointment to see a chiropractor, paid for a "full adjustment" and left the office feeling even worse. My OBGYN recommended I get massage therapy. After just a few sessions with Anke, I was back to my old self and able to chase my 2 year old around the house and take care of my new baby. Thank you so much!       03/14/2010

Stephen J. Fortus, D.D.S. 

I was introduced to John Neumann at Advanced Healing Therapies by Jane LeBlanc of BioScan Health Screening in August of 2005. I had just been released from the Hospital with the diagnosis of chronic renal failure, and the doctors expected that I would be on dialysis within six months.

Since beginning Aqua-Chi and Reflexology treatments with John, I have noticed reduction in ankle edema, lower blood pressure, and marked improvement in kidney function. It has been eight months now, and I have no intention of considering dialysis. I know that with Johns help I will continue to improve. His approach to better health has shown me that there are other choices besides traditional medicine.     03/14/2006

Larry & Shirley Hewitt

Due to a presentation about Reflexology by John Neumann, we decided to give this modality a try. Since I had triple bypass surgeries, had high blood pressure and am diabetic I talked to Mr. Neumann and asked him what good this can do for me. He told me that he can't promise anything, but that he believes very strongly in this healing modality and that he would like to give it a try just for me to see how it feels and what it does. I was so pleased with the first session, that my wife and I booked an average of two Reflexology sessions per week per person for almost four months.

I have to say that my overall condition improved tremendously as well as my wife's and that the quality of daily life raised enormous. After a visit with my Physician I was still surprised about the results. Feeling better than I had for a long time and seeing the results was still two different things. My blood pressure went down dramatically and my sugar reading too. My feet which had always a burning sensation were back to normal and my overall condition was great. We both my wife and I enjoyed the Reflexology very much and had a large benefit out of these treatments. Too bad that non of the Insurances or Medicare or Medicaid won't pick up the tab. Thank you so much. 04/16/1999


I am pleased to write this in support of Reflexology to help stroke patients. My stroke was November 5, 2000 on the left side. Over the years, I received several PT and OT treatments. I have massage once a month. In February 2006 Anke Cacciola, LMT from Advanced Healing Therapies suggested that I have Reflexology twice a week for 6 months. As a direct result of these treatments, I have nerve regeneration on the left side of my face and intermittent movement of my left arm and hand. My left knee began to bend. Knee flexion enabling me to walk better. I am able to walk around the house without a leg brace. The doctor reduced my cholesterol medicine by 1/2 because of reduced cholesterol. I am able to go to church weekly, and go out to eat at restaurants or relatives, often. The quality of my life has improved greatly since the Reflexology treatments. I recommend it without reservation. 08/08.2006

Salvatore A. Cacciola

My experience with Aqua-Chi treatments. I have had neuropathy since 1968 when I triggered a land mine that shredded the back of my legs. This caused blood flow restrictions to my left feet leaving them very dark in color. After the first treatment I noticed an improvement in circulation and the color of my feet was lighter with blotches of pink. After the fourth treatment the toes started to feel like toes instead of lifeless wood.

The years after the initial injury my feet always felt strange as if my socks were all crumpled. Over time I either became conditioned to the feeling or I lost all feeling in the feet.  After the fourth treatment the crumpled socks feeling was back. I have many treatments to go and I definitely would recommend the Aqua-Chi treatments for this condition.   08/08/2004

Andrew K. Brown

It is with great pleasure that I recommend John Neumann's reflexology services. As a person who suffers from psoriatic arthritis, your continued therapy has allowed me to become free of pain relievers. Your treatments also allow me to maintain a positive outlook when dealing with this autoimmune disorder (as psoriatic arthritis is a byproduct of psoriasis). When treatments began six months ago, the pain in my foot and wrist ranged 7-9 on a 10 scale; with occasional flare-ups putting the pain beyond what I thought was imaginable for arthritis (and that was with 24 hour pain medication). Today, the foot is a 1-2 and the wrist ranges from 2-4 on any given day-no drugs!

Please feel free to have any of your clients contact me. I will be happy to discuss my progress and how you have contributed in making my life more rewarding and enjoyable. 08/16/2006

Susan and John Rosello

We both spent thousands of dollars seeking relief of foot pain through visits with a podiatrist (Dr.James Millitello, in St. Augustine) and also with a chiropractor (Dr. Scott Michaels also of St. Augustine) with very little relief. A friend suggested reflexology and that is when we came to see John Neumann. I would never have believed the difference he made for us. I very seldom have any type of pain when walking  now and neither does John. You have made a major difference in the quality of our lives. I now am able to walk with John for exercise, something that I would never have attempted to do two years ago.

You will always have our gratitude and thanks. We look forward to many more reflexology sessions.   Susan and John Rosello     05/06/1999

Allen M. Deprey, D.C.

For the past 14 months I have been personally benefiting from reflexology care performed by John Neumann. I am very pleased with the improvement of the localized foot pain problems (exacerbated by years of racquet ball playing) as well as increased overall energy and immune system function. I highly recommend Johns treatment to anyone and make particular note of the potential benefits to diabetics with poor extremity circulation. 07/7/1999