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Lymphatic Drainage
Natural Detoxification

Lymph Drainage Therapy: A Natural Approach To Detoxification

On a daily basis we ingest potential toxins to our system, whether from the foods we eat, the air we breath or any number of other environmental factors. Rather than turning to an outside agent  to detoxify the body, consider the advantages  of using hands-on lymphatic drainage to work directly with the body's own cleansing mechanism - the lymphatic system-.

The lymphatic system is by design a conduit through which the body filters toxins as well as drains fluids, regenerates tissues and maintains the health of the immune system.

If lymphatic circulation slows down for whatever reason - swelling, lack of physical activity, stress, fatigue, emotional shock, age, food additives, or any number of other causes - the regeneration of cells becomes less effective. This condition allows toxins and proteins to accumulate around the cells, triggering a decrease in cellular oxygenation and tissue regeneration. Any blockage to the free flow of lymphatic fluid accelerates the aging process and opens pathways for numerous physical diseases to develop.

This is where the body can benefit from Lymph Drainage Therapy. An expressively different modality and approach, LDT is a profoundly effective method of lymphatic drainage.

For the therapist using LDT, every stroke is efficient and the amount of time required to achieve pronounced results is much less. It is an ideal modality by itself as well as a companion to any other modality, and can be applied at any point before, during or following an appointment. It is also very beneficial before and after surgeries.

Used post-surgically, LDT helps to remove toxins and fluids that may contribute to enlarged limbs following a mastectomy. In cases where a lymph node has been removed, the therapist can follow the fluid flow and redirect it to the next lymph node. As a pre-surgical application LDT is extremely valuable, because it helps to set up the skin for a clean incision. In cases of breast cancer patients the British Medical Journal indicated that lymphatic drainage applied prior to the surgery significantly reduced the risk of secondary lymphedema development.

It is also applied as an anti aging application achieving what is called a mini face-lifting effect. In just one session, skin is brighter, softer and clearer. Beyond all that , the removal of toxins can reduce facial swelling and the effects of uneven liposuction.