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Body Treatments





God's Herbs $ 24.00 and up see page "God's Herbs Cellular Botanicals

 Lymph Drainage Therapy (60 min)

$    70.00 This treatment gives your body the opportunity to detox through gentley stimulating the lymphatic system.


 Multi - Modalities  (90 min) $   120.00 Therapeutic massage,assisted stretching, electrotherapeutic point stimulation (ETPS).
 Massage Therapy    
 Swedish Massage  (60 min) $   70.00 Enjoy the flow of gentle strokes to relax body and mind.
Therapeutic Massage (60 min) $   70.00 When in pain this deep massage is the treatment of choice.
Pregnancy Massage (60 min) $   70.00 A safe and comfortable way to relieve stress and it's effects upon mother and baby during pregnancy.
 Myofascial Release $   70.00 Myofascial therapy is a modality to stretch and loosen the fascia so that it and other connecting structures can move more freely, and the patient's motion is restored. 
 Aromatherapy (60 min) $   70.00 A highly unique, but gentle therapeutic massage using a combination of essential oils to energize the body, stabilize emotions, enhance the immune system and balance your nervous sytem.
 Mini Massage (30 min) $   40.00 A therapeutic Massage for neck, back and shoulder.
Scalp Massage (15 min) $   15.00 Add this service to any other service.
 Foot Massage  (15 min) $   15.00
 Face Massage (15 min) $   15.00  Add this service to any other service.


 Complementary Therapy    
Reiki  (60 min) $   70.00 Balance body,mind and spirit with this ancient Japanese healing modality.
Reflexology  (45 min) $   50.00 Enjoy a therapeutic foot treatment for deep relaxation.
Iridology $  85.00 A picture of your eyes will be taken and after evaluating the pictures  an hour Consultation follows.    

Ear Candling  (30min)

additional time and candle 


$  35.00

$  10.00


The ancient healing benefits of ear candling help to alleviate the pain and pressure associated with excessive wax in the ear canal. A great add on to any of our services.

For more details see our Therapists      

Detox Consultation  (90 min)        with a Certified Detoxification Specialist

$ 110.00


(Initial Consultation, Personal Energy Profile) 

 Aqua - Chi Detox (40min)

   Series of 6 treatments -  prepaid

$   35.00

$ 180.00


Synergy Light Therapy (15 min)

Series of six treatments - prepaid

$   20.00

$ 100.00

MPS Pain Management (30 min) $   45.00 Manual Point Stimulation with a low level DC current using Acupressure and Acupuncture points.

Personal Energy Profile (30 min)

Follow Up

$   40.00

$   30.00


Psych-K                 60 min   

Change your beliefs, change your life with Psych-K/Emotional release techniques.           

 $   70.00  Making a difference in life experiences
Hair - Analysis / 13 Pg Report $  110.00                                 Hair analysis is an invaluable screening tool. Anyone can have abnormal changes in body chemistry  or nutritional deficencies that can only be detected with a hair anlysis. Unexplainable causes might be found through this modality.