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Dr. Morse's Cellular Botanicals


Dr Morse would like to verify that in Europe, there are three major distributors that sell Dr Morses's Cellular Botanicals. These are:     

                               The Cotswolds Juice Retreat

                                       Our Botanicals

                                      Herbs for Detox

There is also a major distributor of Dr Morse's Formulas in Australia:

                                      The Detox Shop

Due to the restrictive nature of Health Canada regulations there are  currently no major, large scale distributors selling Dr Morse's herbal formulas in Canada.

The Master Fast System (MFS),  based in Canada but also sold throughout Europe, and Mira Herbals (also Based in Canada) are NOT affiliated with our health club in any way and their products are not Dr Morse's Cellular Botanicals. While many of their products bear identical names and ingredients, these products are NOT prepared with the same carefully considered ratios and Dr. Morse's formulas. Like wise we are unable to speak to the quality and/or purity of these formulas, the herbs they contain, the standards and methods under which they are produced, or the potency or consistency of the final product.




Attention: According to Dr. Morse he reserves the right to change formulas and prices without further notice, also some tinctures may be discontinued or replaced with Capsules only.



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As a support for your decisions look at the "Check your Body functions" page. 


About Returns: We accept UNOPENED returns due to our error (bottle seal MUST be intact). Any returns not due to our error are subject to a 20% restocking fee. We are not responsible for return shipping fees on returns that are not the result of our error.

Containers with broken seals, Superfood Blends, Loose Teas and all Capsulated formulas cannot be returned, NO EXCEPTIONS!


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For  more detailed information on the single concoction or formula please click bottle or text.

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