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Kidney & Bladder Tonic III Capsules

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These herbal formulas were created to alkalize (remove inflammation), clean, strengthen, and regenerate the kidneys and bladder tissues. They are function enhancers. I and III were designed specially to increase lymph cleaning throughout the kidney channels. II and IV are used more as strong diuretics. 

A Herbal Formula of:

  • Buchu Leaf
  • Cordyceps (agaricus)
  • Goldenrod
  • Juniper Berry
  • Parsley Leaf
  • Pipsissewa
  • Hydrangea Root
  • Couch Grass Root
  • Burdock Root
  • Cleavers Herb
  • Dandelion Leaf
  • Cornsilk

Traditional Uses:

Kidney weakness or failure, bladder weakness, cystitis, nephritis, urethritis, urinary tract infections, lower back pain, prostatitis, edema (dropsy), eye weakness, bags under the eyes, blindness, gout, kidney and bladder stones, dialysis.