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Lymph System/Spleen  (Mild)  Liq.

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This is a very strong formula created to deeply cleanse (detoxify) and strengthen the lymphatic tissues and nodes of the body. Similar to Black Salve.


A Herbal Tincture of:
  • Echinacea Angustifolia Root (Echinacea angustifolia)
  • Red Root
  • Plaintain Herb (Plantago ovato)
  • Poke Root (Phytolacca americana)
  • Culver's Root
  • Burdock Root (Arctium lappa)
  • Ligustrum Lucidium
  • Blood Root
  • Prickly Ash Bark
  • Fenugreek Seed
  • Cleavers Herb
  • White Oak Bark

This is a superb formula created to cleanse (detoxify) and strengthen the lymphatic tissues and nodes of the body. It also enhances your immune system.

A strong detoxifying formula that alkalizes, cleans and strengthens lymphatic tissues. It enhances immune response and aids with the absorption, assimilation and elimination of metabolic constituents. Alterative, antibiotic, anti-neoplastic, anti-pyretic, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant (strong), anti-fungal, anti-tumor, anti-viral, anti-venomous, astringent, bacteriocide, blood purifier, carminative, cholagogue, diaphoretic, depurative, demulcent, deobstruent, detoxifier, diuretic, emollient, expectorant, hemostatic, hepatic, immunostimulant, lithotriptic, lymphatic stimulant, mucilant, nervine, styptic, parasiticide, parturient, refrigerant, sedative, sialagogue, stimulant, vulnerary.
Detoxification, swollen lymph nodes, tumors, boils, cysts, (ovarian cysts can be estrogen dominance), tonsillitis, cancer (all types, esp. lymphomas), AIDS, toxemia, sepsis of the blood, sinus congestion, lung congestion (use with Lung Formula), chemical poisoning, snake or insect bites, glaucoma, poor hearing, poor vision, cloudy vision, and/or floaters (use with topical Eye Wash), all skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.), enlarged glands, hardening of the liver, syphilis (all venereal diseases), dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea, hemorrhoids, colds, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, (any lung issues), gangrene, TB, UTI’s (urinary tract infections), catarrh issues, cellulitis, cataracts, inability to sweat, sore throat. Use in inflammatory and congestive conditions.
General: 1 to 2 droppers 3 to 6 times a day.
Acute:     1 full dropper every 2 to 4 hours.
Avoid during early pregnancy.
Use with the Lymphatic I, II, or III Formulas, and also with the Parasite-M and Immune Formulas for deeper results.
Always use the Kidney/Bladder and Stomach & Bowel Formula to enhance elimination!
Use with the Kidney, Stomach & Bowel, Parasite-M and Immune formulas for even deeper results.
One’s lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body. It is vital for optimum results to work on the elimination organs that eliminate lymph trash from the body. The eliminative organs include your kidneys, colon & skin. Adding an herbal formula for each of these organs will greatly assist the cleaning process of your sewer (lymph) system.
Since your skin is partially controlled by your thyroid gland (sweating, diaphoresis, fevers) it is also important to make sure your thyroid is performing normally. Check your basal temperatures. Do not rely on blood tests (Thyroid/Pituitary hormone levels). These are very inaccurate.
Sulfur compounds found in Sulfa Drugs like many antibiotics, wines and supplements (MSM, Glucosamine, etc.) inhibit proper lymph elimination. It will take longer and you will have to work much harder to clean your lymph stagnation out, if you have accumulated these sulfur compounds.
In cases of cancer or other stagnant lymph conditions, you may want to use two or three lymphatic or lymph node formulas together with the rest of the lymphatic protocol.
The Blood and Liver formula may also be added for better results, especially after a month or two of using the Lymphatic formulas.